Recent Guest Reviews

"My husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed our stay in here the Palms Room of La Ville Inn. We came here from our home in Choctaw, OK, to celebrate our 3rd anniversary. It has been a beautiful, peaceful, and very comfortable experience for us. We've been able to relax at a slower pace for a few days and enjoy our time together. We appreciate all the effort made and added touch of attention applied to little details in our room to make it feel like a home away from home for us. We love the decor, the furnishings, the cleanliness, and the access we've had to the shared living area and kitchen. We definitely want to come back and will tell others about this wonderful place!"

La Ville Inn Guests, 6/23/16

"We have had such a comfortable stay and are already planning a trip back! We spent mornings on your balcony and evenings reading books in your bistro and sitting areas. Love the vacation home feel and will go online to to leave a great review for you!! Excited to stay at cabin also!"

La Ville Inn Guest, 6/19/16

"Once again we have enjoyed our stay here! You have created a beautiful and relaxing place. Thank you so much, and we hope to see you again soon!"

La Ville Inn Guests, 6/14/16

"How we have enjoyed this absolutely beautiful place. Not only is it beautiful in appearance and feels like a luxurious home, but it has a beautiful presence of our Lord. You have glorified Him in this place. What a blessing to have had the honor to stay at your glorious place! We love your Living Stream Gallery of Grace."

La Ville Inn Guests, 6/13/16

"We had a lovely experience in your boutique hotel. We were in the Tuscany suite. Last year we celebrated our 1st anniversary/honeymoon in Italy. We really enjoyed Tuscany, so this was a nice reminder of our experience in Italy and a wonderful way to spend our 2nd anniversary. We enjoyed the Springs in Sulphur, Veterans Lake, and Turner Falls! We really had a blast! We found our suite to be a wonderful retreat after a fun day in the water. We will definitely be back!

La Ville Inn Guests, 6/11/16

"Thank you for the beautiful lodgings here! We love the view! It's hard to come back inside with the cool morning breeze ruffling your book pages and all your cares millions of miles away. This was a perfect getaway for our three families to come with our young ones to re-connect. We will be back!"

River Bend Lodge Guests, 6/5/16

"Thank you for your lovely invisible hospitality.My husband and I spent our anniversary with you in the Palms last year - our 25th. It was a magic experience; we have never stayed in a more peaceful and relaxing hotel/B&B. 2016 has been a rough year and we thought we wouldn't be able to get away for our anniversary - I'm so glad we made the time. This is exactly what we needed. I adore the tranquility and quiet - so unexpected to find in our current age of hustle and constant interaction. Thank you."

La Ville Inn Guests, 6/3/16

"Wonderful house. Beautiful views. Very clean. We will be back, God willing! P.S. Senior citizens."

River Bend Lodge Guests, 5/26/16

"Fantastic. Peaceful. Beautiful. Quiet. A+ Hospitality. I could go on and on about La Ville. I was so amazed when we arrived. It was so...much more that e had anticipated. We were pretty much alone, and loved our room, the Villa. So much to be appreciated from our warm and comfortable room to the open snack area - coffee, tea, juice, cookies, snacks - incredible. I will definitely encourage others to stay here. And - we will return. I can't wait. I love being home but hate to leave here!"

La Ville Inn Guest, 5/25/16

"The Log cabin was very enjoyable and fun. I liked that, it had a hot tub it was amazing. I loved the pretty view. The campfire was fantastic, the smores were very good. The rooms were so neat and comfy. This log cabin is the best."

River Bend Lodge Guest, 5/16

"We love your inn. We love the quiet, relaxing atmosphere. Just what we needed. You have thought of every detail. We were so glad to get to meet you...Thank you for hospitality. We hope to be back."

La Ville Inn Guest, 5/2/16

"Guys the stay was great! We can't say enough. I see so much thought to detail and it shows - the room was great! My only thought was an updated TV - but I know most people don't come to watch TV! Ha! We did go see your other property with the cabins - and I'm looking forward to booking that soon with our kids or some friends. So beautiful!"

La Ville Inn Guests, 5/2/16

"Long time ago, I didn't feel so comfortable and relaxed. Thank you for this amazing place. Definitely we plan to get back this next summer. I'm pretty sure we need to make our reservation soon. Every detail is great and we love your flexibility for our early check in. God bless you for creating this little oasis here in OK."

La Ville Inn Guests, 5/16

"We loved our stay! Beautiful place! We will be recommending to friends and family. Hope to be back soon!"

La Ville Inn Guests, 4/16

"What a pleasant surprise! The photos on your website really don't do this place justice; however they displayed enough to get me here. When you come in and close the door behind you, you feel like you're in a different world suddenly. Peaceful, pleasant. and calming are a few words to describe it. Life is hard, leaving us battered and broken at times. This weekend at your peaceful inn gave us a reset to prepare for an upcoming surgery and treatment with a peaceful heart and attitude. Just what the doctor ordered! We are grateful that God once again provided for us through you following a vision that was obviously heavenly inspired!"

La Ville Inn Guests, 3/20/16

"It is not very often that a person can walk into a space and automatically feel relaxed. You, however, have most certainly accomplished that here at La Ville! The room is cozy with soothing colors, a comfortable bed, a jacuzzi tub, and this personalized journal. Your common areas are more than inviting and complete with the amenities and food/drink selections a person could wish for. What a GEM! I am VERY thankful that my husband discovered La Ville, as we greatly appreciate bed and breakfast locations! Most certainly, THIS one ranks at the top, and we look forward to our return trips in the future!"

La Ville Inn Guests, Arkansas City, KS, 3/19/16

"We thoroughly enjoyed the room and hospitable service. Thank you Robert and Miranda."

La Ville Inn Guests, 3/19/16

"What a beautiful gem! Our stay has been delightful and oh so comfortable! The hotel is so beautifully decorated and relaxing. Our stay in the Safari room was warm. We enjoyed games with our friends in the TV room. We are traveling around OK looking at waterfalls. The Turner Falls were gorgeous! We highly recommend Smokin' Joe's for great BBQ food with large servings. The whirlpool was relazing and the bed was very comfortable to us. Looking forward to a return trip!"

La Ville Inn Guests, Arkansas City, KS, 3/19/16

Our stay was amazing! Truly relaxing & peaceful. The Bath was wonderful!! We'll be returning! This place is truly amazing." 

La Ville Inn Guests, 3/18/16

"What a lovely and unique inn! I wasn't sure how much I would like the self-service concept but our stay was so relaxing & romantic. I don't know if I'll want to stay anywhere else as much as I want to return here. Last night a beautiful little boy ran up to us, so excited because of the free ice cream in his favorite flavor (vanilla), it was as charming as the inn itself."

La Ville Inn Guests, 3/14/16

"Our 37th anniversary. What a wonderful place! 5 Star all the way. Very relaxing and very romantic. we plan on returning."

La Ville Inn Guests, Leonard, TX, 3/11/16

"What a wonderful time we all had. I've never seen my child play as much as he did. He loved to explore and whittle sticks. The boys enjoyed the s'mores with the campfire. Just a relaxing time for all. Thank you for allowing us the time here and we look forward to planning more time here."

River Bend Lodge Cabin Guests, Forney, TX, 3/7/16

"We enjoyed our stay for the celebration of our 41st anniversary!! We loved the common areas, the music, the jacuzzi tub, and the balcony. This room has no window which we did not like BUT that is easy to rectify. We will be back."

La Ville Inn Guest, Grand Prairie, TX, 3/6/16

"Another wonderful stay @ River Bend Lodge! We've now visited all 3 cabins - loved every one! Enjoyed the family time + outdoors. Thanks again for all the accommodations. We tried to eat the fried pie place out of business...but we saved some for ya :) Enjoy! See you soon!

River Bend Lodge Cabin Guests, 3/5/16

"This was our first getaway together. The Villa room was awesome. Very beautiful. Very quiet and enjoyable. We will recommend the La Ville Inn to all our friends. The hot tub was very soothing. Will definitely be back.

La Ville Inn Guests, Dallas TX, 3/5/16

We loved our time here. Relaxing even more than expected. A great escape from the busy life we lead at home. We are already planning our next trip! I think my son would live here if he could. Thank you so much for sharing your property with our family! Many thanks and smiles!

River Bend Lodge Cabin Guests, 3/16

We enjoyed our first visit here at your wonderful inn. We appreciated the opportunity to tour the rooms as we are already planning a return trip! We were very comfortable in the room and it was a great weekend getaway. Thanks for everything and we will be back!

La Ville Inn Guests, 2/28/16

"This place is peaceful. It's been a long journey for me. For years I have been suffering from depression and I could never feel free but being here gives me an opportunity to be free. I'm from Montana and we have had car issues so we had to stay here. I really like this hotel."

La Ville Inn Guest, 2/27/16

Love love love this place! Everything was perfect and we can't wait to come back!"

La Ville Inn Guests, 2/12/16

"Wow what an experience my wife found on Facebook. Cannot believe so relaxing + laid back. Our 30th Anniversary words cannot express how romantic with God in the air! Wow we will be back and share with other couples. Again, wow!"

La Ville Inn Guests, 2/14/16

"This is an amazing little place. So wish we could stay longer! So comfy and inviting, it feels like home with the fun of being away. We plan to come back and check out the Palm Room! This exceeded our expectations! What a nice surprise!"

La Ville Inn Guests, 2/7/16

"We greatly enjoyed staying at this cabin. It exceeded our expectations. We loved seeing the stars at night and exploring around the the river bend in the morning. We will definitely be returning to this tranquil home."

River Bend Lodge Cabin Guests, Dallas, TX, 2/01/16

"Wow! What an amazing blessing this last weekend has been for me and my wife! We felt the presence of Yahweh the moment we got here, and were carried by Him the rest of the way. Not only was this the best Valentine weekend we have had, it has been a time of great refreshing for our relationship & for us both personally.

May God bless you 10 fold for the labor you guys put into this ministry! It is a true blessing for all that come in the doors. Me and my wife will be praying for you and your sweet family! And we will  come back again soon, plus tell all our friends. Looking forward to another stay."

La Ville Inn Guests, Dallas, TX, 2/16

"We will return to your Inn and tell our family and friends what a lovely, comfortable, luxury this gem is. We truly enjoyed the area, the room, the space and unique charm here. The art displayed along with the patio was such a perfect touch. So nice to not have to rush in or out. Thank you and God Bless!"

La Ville Inn Guests, OKC, OK, 1/30/16

“Happy New Year! We thoroughly enjoyed our stay, we had so much fun....We love this Inn-it is our second time here an we will defiantly be back!” 

La Ville Inn Guests, Denton, TX,  1/1/16

“We arrived at the 12:10 pm, the 23rd. wow! my first impression... the Ponda Rosa.... Everything is so neat and ready for our special holiday...Lots of fun, the best of gifts coming! Thanks for the memories....”

River Bend Lodge Guests, Tulsa, Austin, Midland & Dallas, TX, 12/23/15

“We found this little gem online and could’t have found a better place. We came here to celebrate our first anniversary and have had magical time. The room is absolutely lovely and so comfortable. The surrounding area couldn’t be prettier or the people nicer....we will most certainly be back. This has been a 5 star experience for sure. Thanks”

La Ville Inn Guests, 12/20/15

“Loved the place, inside and out! Thank you!”

River Bend Lodge Guests, Altus, OK & Vernon, TX, 12/18/15

“This is such a beautiful, special place! Love and Care was put into each detail...What a treat to be abel to escape to! We absolutely loved staying here!”

La Ville Inn Guests, 12/11/15

“This is our first time here, and we have been amazed at the comfort and the beauty of the place. We feel a world away from our normal crowd and congested life. Thanks so much for your hospitality. We Look forward to staying here again, hopefully soon.”

River Bend Lodge Guests, 11/8/15

“We loved this bed and breakfast! We will be back! Quiet and serene, decorated impeccably! Love the ease of self check in and self check out."

La Ville Inn Guests, 11/8/15

“Robert and Miranda, We had an amazing weekend at your cabin. The wild life, stars and beautiful scenery was such a nice escape from the big cities. We will definitely be back an look forward to it again soon!

River Bend Lodge Guests, Colony, TX, 11/15

"Love the concept of the inn and how it all works. The Art is wonderful, the furnishing are comfortable. I will be telling people of this place for a get away adventure, they will sure to enjoy as I have."

La Ville Inn Guests, 11/6/15 

Lovely Cabin! Very cozy and clean:) beautiful scenery too. We had a great time bonding and relaxing with the family. Would love to come back at Christmas some year. Blessings to you and your family!"

River Bend Lodge Guests, 11/25/15

“This is our third visit here to this fine establishment and as always, it has been a great experience. it is so beautiful and peaceful here... Thank you...”

La Ville Inn Guests, 10/17/15

“All we can say is “wow”...did La Ville Inn deliver! This place is relaxing, clean and classy. The open kitchen and easy access amenities, what concept. We love it here and can’t wait to come back! God Bless+++ 

La Ville Inn Guests, 10/15

"We had a great time in your cabin. We iced over the field and went down to the creek bed, used the hot tub and had all of our meals here. It is a beautiful place and hope to come back.”

River Bend Lodge Guests, 10/18/15

"We tried to find the words to describe this place all we could come up with is awesome, the staff is great and the rooms are an A plus, it was good to just get away and no better place to do it than here.“

La Ville Inn Guests, 10/10/15

"We came here for peace and relaxation and we were not disappointed! This is a great cabin and a wonderful property. We had a great time and will be back again next fall. Thank you!"

River Bend Guests, 10/16/15 

"Today marks my husband and mine 3 month ann. From the moment we walked into this inn we could feel the presence of God! We had the most wonderful time here! Thank you! This place is so relaxing and beautiful! We will be telling friends and family about this wonderful little hidden secret in Davis Ok! We will be back soon!"

La Ville Inn Guests, 9/23/15

“Our experience here was awesome. Great times had to celebrate our buddies singing away of his freedom. Hope to come back soon! Jesus is Lord!"

River Bend Lodge Guests, 9/15

“My fiancé and I went to the Turner Falls today. we were so exhausted from the 98 degree heat, but coming back to this room was amazing!..We especially loved the whirlpool tub and the large shower:) ...we will be suggesting this place to our friends and family. I like how things are done on an honor system too.”

La Ville Inn Guests, 9/8/15

Amidst a small town lay a beautiful B &B...Being from South Africa myself I was keen to see what the inside of the “Safari room” looked like? How it compared! The colors and decor were spot on! Thanks so much .. We’ll be back!"

La Ville Inn Guests, 8/15/15

"Our stay at River Bend Lodge has been amazing! God has blessed my family with the means to plan a trip to a breath taking place. Thank you!"

River Bend Lodge Guests, 8/23/15

“Family and friends stayed at the inn together for a wedding weekend, Spectacular.”

La Ville Inn Guests, 8/22/15

“This place is beautiful!! We very much enjoyed our time here. We utilized everything offered here.We will miss the big windows and the large trees. We hope to come back again someday!”

River Bend Lodge Guests, 8/19/15

"We have enjoyed the relaxing time here. I love the huge picture windows! We walked to the river and appreciated the gorgeous trees. Love it -you thought of everything for a perfect getaway-souls love to come again- A very restful setting; Loved the cabin! (Such a treat)! Thank you for having this for us.”

River Bend Lodge Guests, Denton TX, 8/9/15

“We thoroughly enjoyed staying at the garden house. The hot tub was very relaxing after our drive.... we made smores at the camp fire and saw a deer on the morning jog. Two of us caught fish (which we released). It is so serene here and the stream sounds of nature are very relaxing. Thanks!”

River Bend Lodge Guests, 8/14/15

“Wow! Absolutely amazing! This was such a wonderful vacation. we came on Tues. 8/4-15 and I personally was in awe! Pictures were just as we see here. Everything was so beautiful even the little nature hike down to the drive and the train that goes around the “mountain” Our kids were so excited they could not believe it. One of them said “Mom its a cabin fairytale.” Hahaha! Cute kids! ... we enjoyed every aspect of our stay even a cup of coffee on the front porch with out the hustle and bustle, in peace and quite. Was amazing! Though I could write even a longer novel, we will definitely be back again. #Besties #Luxury Camping #Best Vaca.”

River Bend Lodge Guests, 8/5/15

“We had a blast, the children played until they passed out!:) We will be making this an annual trip. Thank you for lending us your beautiful cabin!”

River Bend Lodge Guests, 7/16/15

“Our stay exceeded our expectations! The moment we walked through the door, we felt the tranquility and felt like we were in our home away from home....La Ville Inn will definitely be our go to place when visiting this area."

La Ville Inn Guests, 7/15

“Came out with the fam and had a SUPER FUN TIME in this cabin and plan on making it a yearly trip.”

River Bend Guests, 7/12/15 

“We came here for our last family trip before our youngest leaves for college, We had such a great time...Thank you for making this haven of repute for those of us who can’t have a place such as this to go to on a regular basis. A wonderful place to enjoy God’s creation of nature and beauty. Meeting Miranda and seeing your beautiful La Ville Inn and Galley was the highlight of our trip-We will remember your graciousness always and pray for your family. God bless.

River Bend Lodge Guests, 6/30/15

“First may I say that I am a vacation planning guru. I spent over three weeks researching places to stay for a family get together. My brother and his girlfriend flew in for the weekend from Florida and my mother and father in law came in from Western Oklahoma to stay with me, my husband and three kids. There was plenty of room for us all!...There were massive windows throughout the cabin that provided amazing lighting. The kitchen is fully stocked and has every item we needed to include skewers for the s'mores we made in the fire pit out back. There is a huge hot tub that was already hot by the time we got there. It is in a screened in porch that provides the perfect breeze. There is a washer and dryer with soap provided so there were no wet clothes siting around all weekend. We used the propane grill they had every night. We had dinner on the back porch which has a massive dining table with the provided dishwasher and silverware. There was a TV but we didn't even use it due to the amazing views and huge backyard! We were a short walk from the river where we could watch the train go by...

This cabin was a dream and one my family and I plan on making a yearly tradition from now on. If you are wanting a luxurious cabin that feels like home choose this one. This is not a small run down cabin by the river that is overrun with tourists. This is a weekend to recharge and have family around helping cook, taking walks, making s'mores and telling stories around the fire pit and relaxing in the hot tub. We had plans to rent a boat on lake arbuckle and go on the donkey zip line tour but we didn't want to leave the cabin after getting there. We were lucky to have been able to enjoy Turner Falls this weekend since it was flooded out last weekend but even if we had nothing else to do but stay in the cabin all weekend we would still have stayed!

Overall this lodge is amazing. It is beautiful and well appointed and large enough for multiple couples with kids. It is sad to leave but we will be back again!"

River Bend Lodge Guests, 6/28/15

“I thoroughly enjoyed staying at your home. You've done a great job with the place and the land. My children had their first experience playing in a lake and absolutely enjoyed the stream/pond.Such a wonderful memory made with my family. I hope to be back again. Thank you for giving us a nice cabin and we thank you for the stream which bring all of us together. We love all that you did for me and my family.”

River Bend Lodge Guests, 6/13/15

“My wife and I recently took an Anniversary overnight road trip. I wanted to stay somewhere nice, in the Davis/Sulphur area. I did a fair amount of online research and decided that I definitely wanted the La Ville Inn to be that place.

Although I had previously browsed the photos of this establishment, on their website (and read many, many reviews on this and other travel sites) I wasn't really prepared for just how amazing and classy this place is. I could go on and on about the elegance, excellence and attention to detail that is part of the La Ville Experience but my suggestion is that a person really needs to experience it in person. My wife shares my feelings and I'm sure that anyone else who stays here will too.

A huge Thanks! to the Owners for providing some great memories.”

La Ville Inn Guests, 4/22/15

“Once again, our stay at the La Ville Inn was amazing! We absolutely love everything about it and would never consider staying anywhere but here! The “Villa” is now our new favorite room at the Inn - It is fabulous and from the attention to small detail in every room to the faith you have in those who stay to honor and respect your facility is unexpected anywhere.

Thank you Robert and Miranda for your generosity and friendship, it truly meant a great deal to us. Blessings to you and your staff for the hospitality you extend to all who choose to share this amazing experience. With sincere thanks,

La Ville Inn Guests, Claude, TX, 3/8/15

"This place is beautiful and if you are reading this , then you probably already know that.....this place brings such good vibes, I’ve already made so many good memories here and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else for the week."

River Bend Guests, 3/17/15

"A treasure, truly. Thank you for creating this beautiful oasis. Your spirit shine through every detail-from the deco which only an artist could have created, to your generosity and trust, and faith with the open breakfast bar and studio/bookstore and making it a reasonable price for couples , or a whole group to rent out the inn. You have made your corner of the world a little more beautiful and will be a blessing to more than you realize. we can’t wait to come back for thanksgiving with the family this November! Thank you for being faithful with your gifts and resources.

“Passion is where your talents meet the world’s need.” Only a true passion could have created this place."

La Ville Inn Guests, 3/1/2015